Why Amplify?

Amplify starts with research.

It looks not just at your business, but also at the ecosystem it is part of.

Amplify works fast.

Using design thinking methods your design problem is identified.. This people-centred process ensures effective solutions are arrived at in the shortest possible time.

Amplify works lean.

A team of developers and content experts is handpicked for your project. You pay only for your dedicated team, not for an entire office.

Work with a hands-on, versatile, senior graphic designer


Industry verticals



“I have worked across businesses big and small, singly and as part of an internal team. Clients get the benefit of my diverse work experience and my in-depth understanding of how people respond to branding.”

DEEPA KAMATH founder & business owner, Amplify

DesignThoughts,Big andSmall.

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The world is complex, and so too must be the activities that we perform.

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