Dhriti–Opening New Doors Everyday

At Dhriti we are dedicated to providing quality services for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities,’ said Karuna Kini, the founder of Bengaluru based Dhriti Centre. Dhriti is the Sanskrit word for courage and the centre had to be seen as an inviting and uplifting space that empowered autistic children.

The final logo has the graphic of an open door. Doors metaphorically stand for the opening up of new and hopeful directions. Multiple doors, nesting within each other represent the brighter tomorrows being facilitated at the Dhriti Centre. The warm colours accentuate the welcoming feel of a caring community that understands the diverse needs of individual children.

In addition to the logo, the tagline ‘Opening New Doors Everyday’ was coined. The tagline clarifies the logo form and is an asset that can be mined in all their communication.

ClientKaruna KiniServicesidentity, Brand Colours, TaglineYear2016